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CLIQ Support is an Independent Technical Support Company. We are not related to any other companies.

We provide consulting and support services for software products running on Windows platform. We provide assistance prior to purchasing the software and do support pre-installation and post-installation of software purchased along with support for configuration of devices related to the software.

Support services cover computers, laptops, mobile devices and other devices which can be configured externally or internally.

As known, there is no independent free support available, which can be trusted. There will be a nominal charge for the resolution, if the issue fix is complicated. Services are provided over the Chat mainly and call back is initiated only if the customer gets disconnected after the payment. Email will be sent to the customer with the details or request to connect back.

Issues are resolved remotely over screen sharing to resolve the issues as soon as possible and email will be sent to confirm the resolution. If any software or hardware is required to resolve the concern, customer will have to purchase the same. .

Refund will not be issued, if no reply is recieved or if the customer confirms the issue resolution, to the resolution confirmation email sent. Issues with computer can recur if there are software changes, Windows Update or hardware changes made, without which errors will not happen.

If there are any concerns, it is required to contact us first over the chat or email (, before contacting any other party regarding our services.

We do not store any personally identifiable information without the consent of the visitors of this website. In case, if you have a problem to share your name, email and phone number to create a record of your visit to our website, you may stop visiting this website. If there are any concerns regarding the cookies stored on your computer, please do turn off cookies on your computer and let us know over the chat.. Please do not spam our servers, if spammed, we will block your access to chat services.

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You will not be charged to chat with us to query your concern. Have a friendly chat with our technicians to find how your requirement can be met.