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Windows Operating system

Often, software or OS issues can cause hardware malfunctions. In order to fix these kinds of problems we will need to uninstall the device from the operating system..

imageThere are issues which happen related to a particular software due to incompatibility of the program or the settings for which, it is required to troubleshoot Windows. Some of the genuine issues related to Microsoft Windows alone are errors happening with Windows installation, Windows Activation, Windows updates, Windows upgrade etc. Remaining issues are all mostly related to the dependency of the software programs or the hardware attached.


image Examples of issues arising because of the dependency of other software programs can be spooler issues, unavailability of a package software for a software to get installed on a machine, errors with built in programs like Internet Explorer, Malware and Virus issues, issues with configuration of external peripherals like printers, wireless access points, networking, email programs etc. You can view more about this in the "Other Issues" section.


Common Microsoft Windows Versions in use and supported today:

image 1) Microsoft Windows XP         6) Microsoft Windows 8.1

2) Microsoft Windows Vista     7) Microsoft Server 2003

3) Microsoft Windows 7           8) Microsoft Server 2008

4) Microsoft Office 2000         9) Microsoft Server 2012

5) Microsoft Windows 8      

Top Microsoft Office issues:

image 1) Unable to install Microsoft Office

2) Unable to activate Microsoft Office

3) Unable to see emails in Outlook

4) Cannot open word documents received in email as attached

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